Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lana Del Rey

View the Speed Painting of Lana below!

I am not sure why I have never painted Lana before now. She is the idyllic character that I would normally paint. The strong features, red lips and fabulous hair are typical things that my paintings have. It is safe to say that Lana del Rey is my girl crush. I love her. Her beauty, fashion, voice it all sends joy to my soul.

Recently Lana's cover of "Once Upon A Dream" came out for the new Maleficent movie. Can I just say, CHILLS?! Oh man it is so fabulous. I wanted to take inspiration from that movie (Maleficent is one of my favorite villains, and yes I'm one of those weirdos who like the villains more than the princesses), the glorious song and Lana herself. 

Hence the reason I painted her blue! The song and movie are so eery and I really wanted to portray that cold, stark feeling you get from the two. 

I really hope you enjoy this painting and leave any suggestions of drawings or paintings you'd like to see. 

Materials Used: 

Painted on Cardboard 
Sakura Koi Watercolors
Talens Gouche +++703 in Jar in Intense Black (I used this for her hair)
Artist Loft Round 10 Brush
La Corneille 2 Filbert Brush
Pilot G-2 0.38 Ultra Fine Pen in Black
Gelly Roll Pen in White

Music from Video: "Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful FREE Instrumental by Nadja J. Pala is licensed under a  Creative Commons Licence.

Monday, December 9, 2013

How To Properly Cover Used Art Boards

For a step by step tutorial on how to cover used Art Boards/Panels, watch my YouTube video below.

The Gesso I used was the Daler & Rowney Simply...Acrylic Gesso from Walmart. It did the job. I have used better Gesso before but this was still a standard Gesso. It was $9 and I feel like for the quality it should be $7 or $6. I know Michael's craft stores has a few different Gessos and I believe there might be a $5 Gesso. Here is a search for Gesso on Amazon. Still if you are not able to find a Gesso but you can find the Daler & Rowney, get it. It works. 

When it comes to sandpaper and foam roller, I didn't even go out and buy anything special. I just used whatever I had. Anything will work. The foam will create a little air bubbles. You just have to lightly roll  it once you have a layer on and the bubble should fall. The fuzzy rollers will work too. For larger canvases you can use a larger roller but in my video I had a small panel just for ease. 

The palette paper is very helpful. If you cannot get your hand on it, wax paper will do as well or a paper plate. I used Strathmore Palette Paper from Michaels and it is so handy because you can just tear off a piece when you need it and throw it away once you are done. No washing out anything. I will tell you, washing palettes are my most hated things about art and these palette papers are saviors. 

I mentioned that if you wanted a smoother surface to use a brush, well this is true. A roller will create a "natural" effect and mimic what the canvas is already like. I prefer this much more. However for a smooth finish you can use a brush and it will create a flatter surface. It takes some finagling to get it just smooth enough. Another alternative for a smooth surface is to let the final coat of Gesso to completely dry and then sand it. 

Finally make sure you wait at least 4 hours before painting on it with actual paint. This will create a better product. 

If you have any questions about art and art supplies, you can comment here, on my youtube or tweet me @Anjellykahr. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Art Diary: "Anaba"

I had an itch to return to my old ways of creating art. When I was in highschool my top medium I used was acrylic paint. I rarely branched off into media that I use frequently now. I was cleaning out my art storage when the itch started. I saw art I had made in my AP Art Studio class as a senior. The art was so strange however I loved it. I took up the entire canvas with content. I used vibrant colors and pushed the limit of weird.

 I wanted to get this edge back and maintain my current love of creating portraits. I was taking a fabric run at Walmart (check your Walmart, they might have fabric too!) and I decided to head down the arts and crafts aisle. I found small tubes (2.5 fl. oz.) of Daler & Rowney Simply...Acrylic paints. I was intrigued by them because they were only $2.57. The Artist Loft Acrylic Paints at Michael's are horrible; so I was skeptical about these. However, they were a very pleasant surprise! I ended up picking Yellow Ochre, Brilliant Red, and Ultramarine Blue. You can create any color with yellow, blue and red. I also was not aware of my current supply of acrylic paint.

As I stated above, the paint was exceptional and I was able to create an art piece that I was very pleased with. I created the piece on Canson (my favorite paper brand) Acrylic Paper. I did not film myself painting this for a few reasons. 1, I take my time with acrylics. I never can just wiz through an art piece with acrylic paints and expect wonder. My memory card on my camera cannot hold much and only allows me to film HD nine minutes at a time. 2, I had no idea how this was going to turn out and did not want it to be a waste of my time.

In the end I produced a piece I am exceptionally proud of. I titled the piece "Anaba" which is a Navajo name meaning "She returns from War."

I hope you enjoy the painting as much as I do. What is your preferred medium and what would you like to branch out into?